The Aftermath

Author: Mia Aristanti
Trip report on Diving Krakatoa - Volcano Dive Trip 2004


After the second dive we had to endure yet another long boat ride back to Marina. I think I might have lost my ovary during this ride, being slammed down over and over again (gosh, now I know what Tequila Pop feels!). It took more that an hour but we made it safely, albeit a bit shaky, to the harbour. The people on the bigger boat seemed fine, at least doing better than us exiles on the small boat.

We quickly disassembled our gears, washed them a little bit, then on to the photo session. After saying our thank-yous and good-byes to our guide Ruswan and his crew, we drove back to Oka?s place to collect our stuff. The sun was setting when we finally hit the road back to Jakarta. We dropped our guests (Nining, Eric, Mike, Mel, and Fede) to their hotels, then departed back to our respective homes to lay our weary loads, with promises to meet once again for dinner the next evening.

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