Mia Aristanti

Submariner ID:MKS0031
Member since:22 August 2003
Country of nationality:Indonesia
Lives in:Bali
  • PADI IDC Staff Instructor
  • PADI Assistant Instructor
No. of logged dives:
# of dive trip participated:31
# of non-diving trip participated:4
# of trip organized:6
Trip Reports:
Underwater Photos:ZZ Top Crab?Nembrotha lagi makanChromodoris kunieiWatchoo lookin' at?
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Trip Participation:
KSDC Annual trip 2015 - LOB Nusa Penida area Safari
Bali Macro Hunt
Southern Leyte-Anilao – Dive the Philippines
Bali Reunion Dive
Bali KSDC Safari Annual Diving Trip 2007
Nusa Penida 3 Dives
KSDC Annual Meeting 2007
Kaufik and Dolly Wedding
Back to Tulamben 2007
Diving South Lombok Magnet Hammerhead 2006
Bali KSDC Safari Annual Diving Trip 2006
KSDC Annual Meeting 2006
Chinese New Year 2006 Bali Dive Safari
Bali New Year 2006
Baby Shower Dive
Diving Manado, Likupang, Bunaken, Lembeh and Bangka
Bali Weekend Dive
Bali KSDC Safari Annual Diving Trip 2005
Hengky and Thea's Wedding Party
Mia's Farewell Diving
Komodo Liveaboard Once Again
KSDC Annual Meeting 2005
Bali Gili New Year's Extravaganza
Diving Alor Liveaboard, East Nusa Tenggara
Diving Krakatoa - Volcano Dive Trip 2004
Welcome New KSDC Divers- Test Two
Diving Sangiang Siesta
Bali KSDC Safari Annual Diving Trip 2004
Sangyang Dive
Secret Bay - Bali Muck Diving
Bali KSDC Safari Annual Diving Trip 2003
Nusa Penida Diving Quest
North Bali Exploration Diving
Two Dugongs Diving Ocean Sunfish

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