Indahwati Tjondrokusumo

Submariner ID:MKS0110
Member since:31 August 2008
Country of nationality:Indonesia
Lives in:Jayapura
No. of logged dives:
# of dive trip participated:4
# of non-diving trip participated:8
# of trip organized:2
Trip Participation:
KSDC Blood Donor October 2011
KSDC runs Jakarta R.A.C.E 2010
KSDC Blood Donor September 2010
KSDC Blood Donor May 2010
Dive Philippines 2010
KSDC Blood Donor January 2010
KSDC runs Jakarta R.A.C.E
KSDC Blood Donor October 2009
Dive to Sangyang
KSDC Bloood Donation October 2008
Bali KSDC Safari Annual Diving Trip 2008
Raja Ampat 2008 Reloaded

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