Teharmin (Acuan)

Submariner ID:MKS0063
Member since:14 April 2005
Country of nationality:Indonesia
Lives in:Jakarta
Certifications:PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
No. of logged dives:
# of dive trip participated:26
# of non-diving trip participated:24
# of trip organized:40
Underwater Photos:CuttlefishLonelyJuvenile Fingered DragonetEilien doing a one finger push-up
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Trip Participation:
KSDC Manado 2017 with SeaSafari VI
KSDC Annual Trip 2016 Komodo with SeaSafari VI
KSDC Annual trip 2015 - LOB Nusa Penida area Safari
KSDC Komodo LOB Trip on 2-9 June 2013 with Seasafari V
KSDC Cendrawasih Papua Whaleshark Dive Trip
KSDC Blood Donor 15 June 2012
KSDC Blood Donor CNY 2012
KSDC Runs Singapore Marathon
KSDC runs Jakarta R.A.C.E 2011
KSDC Blood Donor October 2011
KSDC Goes Trekking Mount Rinjani Lombok
KSDC Runs Kuala Lumpur Marathon
KSDC Blood Donor May 2011
Raja Ampat Liveaboard 2011
KSDC Goes to Java Jazz 2011
KSDC Blood Donor January 2011
Komodo Liveaboard 2010
KSDC runs Jakarta R.A.C.E 2010
KSDC Blood Donor September 2010
Bali KSDC Annual East LOB Trip 2010
KSDC Blood Donor May 2010
Dive Philippines 2010
KSDC Blood Donor January 2010
Komodo LOB 9D/8N with SeaSafari 7
KSDC runs Jakarta R.A.C.E
KSDC Blood Donor October 2009
Dive to Sangyang
Bali KSDC Safari Annual Diving Trip 2009
KSDC Blood Donor July 2009
Alor Liveaboard 2009
KSDC Blood Donation 2009
KSDC Bloood Donation October 2008
Bali KSDC Safari Annual Diving Trip 2008
To Share and To Care, blood donation and dinner with KSDC
Raja Ampat 2008 Reloaded
KSDC Blood Donation February 2008 (Valentine's Day)
Manado, Bunaken and Lembeh 2007
Komodo LOB 2007 - 8d/7n with SEA SAFARI
Bali KSDC Safari Annual Diving Trip 2007
Derawan Liveaboard 2007 with SEA SAFARI III
Kaufik and Dolly Wedding
Diving South Lombok Magnet Hammerhead 2006
KSDC Annual Meeting 2006
Diving Manado, Likupang, Bunaken, Lembeh and Bangka
Bali Weekend Dive
Bali KSDC Safari Annual Diving Trip 2005
Hengky and Thea's Wedding Party
Welcome Yuji to Bali
Hengky's Underwater Macro Birthday Party
Diving Bali with Hong Kong Diver

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