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The Essential Underwater Photography Manual
Author: Larry Tackett (Book)
As the subject suggests, this book should be titled Ultimate. Essential, yes, but where this book departs from the others on the subject is the chapter on Behavior, describing how to spot the critter's habits and make that part of the shot. Also excellent is the "How to Wow" chapter. Borrowing a page from Larry and Denise's seminars, this chapter explains how to add the "Pizzazz" that separates a good photo from an award winner. All the technical information is right on and very up to date with current digital technology as well as traditional film technics. Every underwater photographer needs this book!


Reef Fish Identification - Tropical Pacific
Author: Gerald Allen (Book)


Reef Life (Hardcover)
Author: Larry Tackett (Book)
I have been waiting for this book! Burt Jones got me focused on the 'one metre' dive a few years back and I've been enjoying macro critters and muck diving ever since. In this awsome new book, the Tacketts bring you their personal experiences with the macro world and incorportate a great deal of useful information which can help all of us better understand the interrelationships amongst all the critters. That understanding is one of the keys to making better images of the critters. If you are a diver and you really want to get acquainted with the underwater world, stop swimming and start looking. And this book gives you step by step pointers on how to go about looking and helps you understand what you are seeing.


Reef Fish In-A-Pocket Waterproof Guide
Author: Paul Humann (Book)


Nudibranch Behaviour
Author: David Behrens (Book)
Nudibranchs are among the most beautiful creatures on the reef, with colors and shapes that dazzle and delight. Unlike fish that may disappear before our eyes in a flash, the showy nudibranch glides slowly along the substrate, allowing us the time to savor this extraordinary sight. With their shell-less unprotected bodies how do they survive in seas filled with hungry mouths? How do these sightless creatures navigate the reefs to find food and mates? What and how do they eat? How do they reproduce? What special relationships have they developed with other reef inhabitants? These and many more questions are answered in this informative and lavishly illustrated new book. You will never look at nudibranchs the same way again. Veteran Diver and underwater photographer Dave Behrens has been practicing marine biology since 1974. Dave has become a household name for Nudibranch enthusiasts having authored 6 books and 80 scientific publications including 30 descriptions of nudibranchs new to science. He holds a master's degree from San Francisco State University and is a research associate at the California Academy of Sciences.


Indo-Pacific Coral Reef Field Guide (2004 Edition)
Author: Gerald Allen (Book)
Over many years, I have looked for a good guide to reef fauna. Last year, I settled for this one and probably won't look further. This one is very good for identifying everything from sponges to turtles. Each type of creature (usually a phylum or an order) is organized into its own chapter, which begins with a couple of pages of general facts that generally cover reproduction, feeding, and interesting characteristics. Then come the pages of very good color photos of each variation (there are over 20 different clownfishes identified... not bad!) These are labeled with their common name and their Latin name. But unlike Margaret Gremli's Marine Life in the South China Sea (albeit a less complete and orderly field guide), Allen and Steene's book does not offer any interesting tidbits of information NEXT TO the creature's photo. Each entry is just a name, sometimes with a height in centimeters. In other words, it's great for getting the exact name of the fish you just spotted forty feet down, and your dive log will gain some cred, but you won't immediately find any descriptive text or amusing information about that fish in its entry. Don't get me wrong, this is a great field guide, and it took me 10 years to find this. But some divers may prefer the "hey, did you know...?"


An Essential Guide to Digital Underwater Photography (2nd Edition)
Author: Michael Aw (Book)
With the explosion of underwater digital photography this book is an absolutely essential guide for those who want to shoot beautiful digital pictures underwater. It is a complete "How to" guide that includes detailed descriptions and professional secrets, step-by-step instructions about choosing and using digital cameras underwater, exposure, use of light and shooting techniques for macro and wide-angle imagery. It is packed with information, key points, tips and techniques of underwater photography, and even some professional secrets. An Essential Guide to Digital Underwater Photography takes you from the basics, channels your creativity to greater heights and guides you to produce some of the most beautiful pictures of the sea. It will also help you to learn the art form of photography and master the vocabulary of digital imaging. It is a complete digital "How To" guide. An important new title for all underwater photographers. For easy referencing, the pages are color-coded. Above all this book will open your eyes to the enjoyment of digital underwater photography increasing the fun factor of your diving.


Dangerous Sea Creatures
Author: Neville Coleman (Book)


1001 Nudibranchs – Catalogue of Indo-Pacific Sea Slugs
Author: Neville Coleman (Book)


Indo-Pacific Sea Fishes
Author: Neville Coleman (Book)


Underwater Naturalist – Asia Pacific Marine Life Identification
Author: Neville Coleman (Book)


2002 Sea Shells
Author: Neville Coleman (Book)

The largest display of living allied cowries (Ovulidae) ever produced in the world. Over 430 images of cross-referenced shells and animals.


Crustacea Guide of the World
Author: Helmut Debelius (Book)
This book has over 1100 full color photos. Crustaceans form a group of marine animals the author is especially acquainted to since many years. Therefore it was his great challenge to present for the first time in literature a field guide perfectly illustrated with species of Crustacea from all the world's seas. And to introduce the behaviour and abilities of those absolutely charming critters comprehensively and in detail in fascinating stories.


Coral Sea Reef Guide
Author: Bob Halstead (Book)


Nudibranchs and Sea Snails: Indo-Pacific Field Guide
Author: Helmut Debelius (Book)
From the Red Sea to South Africa and across the West Coast of the Americas: This book is perfectly illustrated with over 1020 full color photos from the natural environment of the animals on 320 pages. The relation price/achievement is unbeatable!


Marine Fishes of South-East Asia: A Field Guide for Anglers and Divers
Author: Gerry Allen (Book)


Diving Indonesia
Author: Kal Muller (Book)
A guide to the best dive sites in Indonesia. Provides fresh material with minimal repetition, excellent maps, and stunning photographs.


The Complete Divers' and Fishermen's Guide to Fishes of the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea
Author: John E. Randall, Gerald R. Allen and Roger C. Steene (Book)
Donated by Hengky Dotulong (25 Dec 2004)


Diving Bali: The Underwater Jewel of Southeast Asia
Author: David Pickell and Wally Siagian (Book)
In Diving Bali, authors David Pickell and Wally Siagian offer you 25 years of diving experience in the reefs of this beautiful island. In addition to showing you where to dive, they will teach you how to appreciate the uniqueness of each site. This guide includes large-scale marine maps for every important site, each based on accurate charts, GPS data, and thorough surveys conducted by the authors. Background sections cover marine life and reef ecology, tides and currents, and weather conditions. An extensive practicalities section details prices and contacts for dive operators, accommodations, and transportation on the island, making Diving Bali a unique and indispensable volume.
Donated by Erwin Kodiat (11 Apr 2003)


Underwater Bali
Author: Yuji Law (Photo CD)
Donated by Yuji Law (01 May 2005)


Alor 2004
Author: Irene Pramudito (Photo CD)
Donated by Irene Pramudito (01 Dec 2004)


Papua 2004
Author: Budi Ramadi Jerry (Photo CD)
Donated by Budi Ramadi Jerry (01 Dec 2004)


Komodo 2004
Author: Fanty Tjin (Photo CD)
Donated by Fanty (02 Aug 2004)


Komodo 2004
Author: Sandy Surjo (Photo CD)
Donated by Sandy Surjo (01 Aug 2004)


Chinese New Year 2004
Author: Budi Ramadi Jerry (Photo CD)
Donated by Budi Ramadi Jerry (01 Feb 2004)


North Bali Explorer 2003
Author: Jimmy Ng (Photo CD)
Donated by Jimmy Ng (01 Sep 2003)


Bunaken 2003
Author: Tom Fadjar Chandra (Photo CD)
Donated by Tom Fadjar Chandra (01 Jun 2003)


Selayar, South Sulawesi
Author: Marlin Dive, Makassar (VCD)


Let's get wet with BIDP
Author: Avandy Djunaidi (VCD)
This VCD is made by BIDP to introduce the beauty of underwater world. Mostly the shooting location is in Bali. Magnificent Mola mola in Crystal Bay and Robust ghost pipefish are the only two amongst other interested marine life in this VCD.
Donated by Avandy Djunaidi (01 Aug 2003)


Raja Ampat 2007 with Seven Seas
Author: Steward Esposito (DVD)


Wakatobi 2004
Author: David Fleetham (Slideshow)
Donated by David Fleetham (01 Oct 2004)


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