Raja Ampat Dive Trip with Neomi Cruise First Sail

Start:Sunday, 29 December 2019
End:Friday, 03 January 2020
Duration:6 days
Highlights:Duration: 6 days, 5 nights

The Cruise:
The long awaited Neomi Boat is nearly completed.
We have the privilege to participate in Neomi first sail.
Neomi has Master Cabin and Cabins, each with Private Balconies in Upper Deck.
Two Jacuzzis are available on Board for relaxation after the dives.

Misool is very well known for the highest diversity of marine lives in the planet.
Located at the south part of Raja Ampat, Misool has 75% of world known coral species, Macros, Pelagics, Reef Walls, Caverns and at least three Lakes with Stingless Jellyfish. Wobbegongs, Schooling Mobula And Manta Rays encounters are 100% chance, While Whalesharks are commonly seen during the month of December - January.

Itinerary:We will embark and disembark Neomi Cruise from Sorong.
There are three direct flights available from Jakarta To Sorong: Garuda Indonesian Airways, Air Asia and Batik Air.
There will be up to 15 dives including night dives during this trip.
Please contact the Trip Coordinator for detailed Itinerary.

Please note that Itinerary may change depending on the weather condition.

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