Nusa Penida Diving Quest

Start:Saturday, 30 August 2003
End:Sunday, 31 August 2003
Duration:2 days
Highlights:This trip was really a full exploration on rare visited dive site around Nusa Penida except for Crystal Bay.
Day 1: Batu Abah, Malibu Point, Karang Sari
Day 2: Blue Corner, Crystal Bay, Gamat Bay
Combination of cold water and strong current. The coldest one was in Batu Abah which reached 18� Celcius. On the second day all dives in 21� Celcius water.
Mola mola sight in Crystal Bay and Gamat Bay.
Nurse shark and black blotched stingray has been encountered in Blue Corner.
Dive Sites:
Report:Nusa Penida Quest
By Erwin Kodiat

Participants (12):
Divemasters:Gregorius David Leksono
Dive center:Abyss Adventures Bali

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