Gili's Drift Dive

Date:Saturday, 21 June 2003
Duration:1 day
Highlights:It was very cold in our first dive in Gili Biaha (22�C) combined with mild surge. Very good viz (20-25 meters) allows us to see the current played around with our bubbles. At the southern tip of the island, suddenly the current changed to a strong and swirling current heading to the open sea, so we had to swim back to the cave before we surfaced.
Second dive at Mimpang was full of current and heavy surge. Especially from 7 meters depth to surface. But, again the visibility was very good. It was gin-clear water! The current goes to every direction. Sometimes up, sometimes down. We had one chance to do a short drift diving, however it was continued with toilet drift!
Itinerary:Diving Gili Mimpang - Dive Gili Mimpang
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Dive center:Kapal Selam Dive Club (Self Managed)

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