Bali KSDC Safari Annual Diving Trip 2003

Start:Saturday, 20 September 2003
End:Monday, 22 September 2003
Duration:3 days
Highlights:Transport arrangements:
Car 1: Hengky, Tom, Richard, Krisno, Irene
Car 2: Mia, Rizal, Lala, Yoni, Oka
Car 3: Otti, Erwin, Elice, Alice
Car 4: Armando, Ulin
Nusa Penida boat arrangement:
Boat 1: Hengky, Erwin, Otti, Mia, Lala, Yoni, Oka, Irene (Wolfgang)
Boat 2: Rizal, Tom, Armando, Ulin, Krisno, Richard, Elice, Alice (David).
BBQ participants: Hengky, Nike, Erwin, Mimi, Johny, Patty, Otti, Jan, Raymond, Rizal, Mia, Lala, Pras, Oka, Yoni, Christian Schmidt, Armando, Ulin, Herry Setiabudi, Tom, Richard, Krisno, Elice, Alice, Stephen, Wolfgang, David Leksono, Fandy Wijaya, Christian Satriawan, Yenny Iskandar, Menyun
Second reunion after %trip:bunaken_2003%.
Itinerary:Bali Safari Diving - Bali Safari Dive
Day 1 (20 Sep 2003): Gather at Sanur (Bali Scuba office) at 6:00 and head to Padang Bai. By boat to Nusa Penida, 3 dives (Sental, Crystal Bay, SD). Going back to Padang Bai and go to Tulamben straight away. Stay overnight at Tulamben.
Day 2 (21 Sep 2003): Dive Batu Kelebit, USS Liberty Shipwreck and Kubu, going back to the south (Kuta or Sanur) in the afternoon. BBQ party at Villa Taman. A lot of prawns, squids, fishes, chickens, beefs and beers. Open to all participants' family and friends of KSDC. Skyy, Absolut and Jose Cuervo!
Day 3 (22 Sep 2003): Land tour to Ubud and Bedugul.
Dive Sites:
Participants (20):
Divemasters:Wolfgang Krutz
David Ruland
Hengky Dotulong
Erwin Kodiat
Rizal Prajuga
Dive center:Kapal Selam Dive Club (Self Managed)

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