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Map Legend:

  1. Alamanda
  2. Batu Belah
  3. Batu Kelebit
  4. Drop Off
  5. Emerald
  1. Kubu
  2. Mimpi River
  3. Paradise Patch Reef
  4. Seraya
  5. USS Liberty Shipwreck
Tulamben at a Glance
Access:Three hours driving from Sanur
Reef Type:Slope, wreck, drop off
Marine Life:Jackfish, scorpionfish, stonefish, various nudibranch, pygmy seahorse
Coral Condition:Healthy
Visibility:15-30 meters
Current:Almost no current
Highlights:Easy dive but very rewarding with a lot of marine life
Accomodation:Small motels to 4-stars resort
Tips:Best to dive early in the morning
Temperature:28-30 Celcius

What so special about Tulamben? It is a one-stop-diving spot. You can do easy wreck, shallow water photography, night and deep diving. All spots are within 5 minutes reach from all accomodations. You can also go for diving here in daily basis.

Written by: Erwin Kodiat


KSDC Trips to Tulamben

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