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Batu Kelebit at a Glance
Access:15 minutes outrigger traditional boat (jukung) ride from any accomodations in Tulamben
Marine Life:White tip reef shark, scorpionfish
Visibility:10-30 meters
Current:No current
Highlights:Good place to dive deep. Coral reef goes to below 70 meters
Difficulty:Easy to moderate

Deep diving is a must here to explore the beauty of colorful abundant pristine coral reef here. The good one starts at 25 meters. From the surface, you will find a lot of cobbles, I guess it's because of El Nino warming on 1998, which made the coral bleached. Big group of sweetlips (Plectorhinchus sp) and midnight snapper (Macolor macularis) are often found here. Pelagic are also common here. You will see variety of anthias (family Serranidae; subfamily: Anthiinae) swimming close to the coral reef as shown in the picture. On several occasions, diving in the morning (07.30) a chance you will see a group of bumphead parrotfishes. They crack the dead rock and you can hear the voice of their strong teeth break the rock.

Always watching your depth gauge since this site will provide you beautiful coral to the depth. Hengky Dotulong with single tank and Knut E. Hoff with his double tanks broke their own record, actually our club record, too, by diving to 70.5 meters and still he saw the beauty coral reef going along (narced?).

Written by: Erwin Kodiat


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