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  1. Bunutan
  2. Jemeluk
  3. Lipah
  4. Underwater Island
Amed at a Glance
Access:2.5 hours drive from Sanur
Marine Life:Nudibranch, frogfish
Visibility:10-30 meters
Current:Mild current
Accomodation:Small motels to 4-stars resort
Difficulty:Easy to moderate

Once well known for its beautiful shallow soft coral combined with stunning great wall diving nearby, Amed, after swept away by El Nino 1998, turns into stacks of dead coral on shallower part and slow recovery in the wall area. That is when we talk about Jemeluk Bay. We always feel sad every time we dive there. However, what made us going back stay here is the fact that we still can find a lot of pelagic like white tip reef sharks and green turtle. Doing the night dive here also rewarding. My friend, Gede Sateb, loves to dive here after the dusk especially because he can easily spot a lot of lobster and mantis shrimp just by looking at their glowing eyes.

The other good thing is good lodge with beautiful sunrise scene. Heading to Lombok strait, if not so many clouds, you can see Lombok island and Mount Rinjani from here.

Written by: Erwin Kodiat


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